Sherri Renée offers a comprehensive portfolio of courses/workshops

designed to meet a variety of learning requirements in the

Fine Art and Design of Alternative Hair Couture. 


Our courses are designed to provide the very best foundation for

boosting your skills and knowledge, by immersing you in hands-on

practical work sessions and detailed tutorials from highly qualified

instructors. Our instructors are all practicing hair professionals -

hair architects, designers and dressers - with each possessing 

a unique perspective and applied practical for alternative hair. 


Workshops are presented by means of lecture, demonstration, 

conversation and hands-on student participation (practicals). 


For full course offerings, description and schedule, please contact

us at 844.265.4637.   





The Alternative Hair Foundation is a two (2) day class 

offering theoretical and practical instruction on:


Hair Symbology and Emotional Influences * Brand Distinction * Client Lifecycle * Client Consultation * Hair Architecture and Design, * Ordering * Chiaroscuro Artistic Rendering * Cutting and Styling * Care Protocol.  


Applied color rendering technique, chiaroscuro, is introduced and

emphasized as a unique artform and signature to our alternative hair








The Alternative Hair Foundation for Full Enhancements is a

one (1) day class offering practical instruction on:


Full Anatomical Destinctions * Design Alternatives * Precision Ordering * Chiaroscuro Artistic Rendering * Fitting and Alterations * Cutting and Styling * Establishing Appropriate Density,


Students must satisfactorily complete Alternative Hair Basics and Alternative Hair Foundation for Full Enhancements to achieve full certification to retail our products.






The Full Enhancement Advanced Concepts is an intense two (2)

day course offering advanced knowledge and practical instruction in an intimate workshop environment to receive an advanced understanding

of how to work with full enhancement. The following topics are covered: 


Determining which Full Enhancement Design. Learn in depth about which design is most appropriate to insure the best fit and “wearability” for your client. Explore application, material usage and modifications of our full enhancement cap designs:  CheveauxTM, AriaTM, Alter EgoTM, BeauteTM,  CosmeticaTM and introducing our new StructureTM cap design.


Accurately Measuring the Head. Three methods for measuring a client for a full enhancement are explored including using a tape measure, mold-taking,  and the introduction of the new Sherri Renee Cap Sizing Ring. Determine which method and how to accurately measure for a full  enhancement.


Simplifying the Ordering Process. Become empowered and more confident about designing/ordering our full enhancements.  Our simplified order form, new Cap Sizing Ring  and Cap Design/Pattern Ring promises to simplify the ordering, remove confusion and anxiety, and reduce common mistakes made when custom ordering for your client. 


Fitting, Alterations and Editing.  Learn how to build in fitting options during the designing/ordering process to deliver cap sizing flexibility, expansion and contouring for the perfect fit. Hands-on caps are provided to gain practical experience, agility and confidence in this technical area.


The Art of the Finish.  Learn to control the styling and proper finishing of our enhancements. Learn how to use chiaroscuro color rendering, proper product use, density control, blow dry and finishing techniques that allow you to consistently master your desired finish every time.





Must have a minimum of two (2) years behind the chair experience and taken our Alternative Hair Foundation Basics /Foundation Full course or have equivalent knowledge.





Chiaroscuro is one of five quintessential principles necessary to deliver

the ultimate alternative hair couture to your clientele. Our adaptation

of this Renaissance painting technique brings beautiful color, depth,

and realism to each creation.  


This two (2) day intense workshop explores the “behind the scene”

artistry, color chemistry, and unleashed creativity involved in 

successfully rending chiaroscuro color design ~ foundation of light

and shadow, placement, proportion, and color choice.  


Learn chiaroscuro through applied observation and learned techniques ~ how to flawlessly fashion an undetectable, organic and artistically rendered hair enhancement * impart “connectivity” using chiaroscuro color for a seamless transition.



Chiaroscuro Definition and Our Adaption of this Renaissance Painting Technique * Foundation of Light and Shade * Chiaroscuro Terminology * Levels of Observation  * Incorporating Chiaroscuro into the Ordering Process * Formulations for Creating Dimension and Realism * Specialty Pricing


This class is targeting for the alternative hair color specialist seeking to master chiaroscuro color, deliver the best alternative hair has to offer and

create the best version of your clients. 





Fine Hair Mastery is a one (1) day workshop offering practical instruction



Fine vs. Thin Hair * Factors Effecting Hair Loss * Alternative Hair Couture and Technologies Effective for Fine and/Skinny Hair * Educating Your Client on Proper Homecare  * Effective Product and Supplemental Usage * Specialty Cutting / Blowdrying / Coloring Techniques for Maximizing Fine and/Skinny Hair