Sherri Renée currently splits her time behind the chair of

her own specialty hair studio, Versacchi Studios, painting,

and partnering with forward thinking hair professionals who

share her vision of an authentic and artistic approach to alternative hair design.











Sherri Renée Alternative Hair Couture begins with its' visionary Sherri Renée Romm


A graduate of both Fine Art from the Maryland Institute of Art (MICA) and Computer Engineering from the University of MarylandSherri Renee' combined her artistic and technical aptitude to become a sought-after Master Hair Architect and Designer when she incorporated Versacchi Studios in 1994. Her passion for the arts and the desire to help others has been the impetus behind her success.


Sherri Renée spent the first part of her professional life in both the business and art world. She acquired her business savvy while working as an independent information systems consultant to several Fortune 500 companies including Bethlehem Steel, T. Rowe Price, IBM, Westinghouse, and BG&E. At night, 

Sherri Renee' pursued her artistic passion ~  painting and sculpting ~ while attending art college. She

has exhibited her paintings in galleries and art shows throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region.


In 1992, a close friend was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Sherri Renée was deeply concerned with her friend's depression that was not only a result of her diagnosis, but the loss of her hair ~ her most precious physical attribute.  Using her artistic skills and fueled by compassion, Sherri Renée designed and partnered with a factory to create a human hair prosthesis that mimicked her friend's own hair. A

local stylist was hired to cut, style and create the finished look.


 "It was at that moment I saw my friend's spirit return. I was greatly inspired and

knew this was a very powerful moment not only for my friend, but for me as well.

I realized my own life would be afftected forever. I have found my callling."   


This marked the beginning of an over two decade history with consultancy, design, manufacturing, and

education in the professional beauty arts industry. Sherri Renée has since worked with thousands of

clients worldwide and is highly recognized for her innovative work in Androgenetic Alopecia,

Chemotherapy, Radiation, Trauma, Burn, and Alopecia.  



"Not satisfied with the lack luster and traditional approach 

to alternative hair designsSherri Renée innovates

industry leading hair designs that continually set new

benchmarks. Adapting many of the Renaissance classical painting and sculpting techniquesbeautiful Parisian silk,

lace and organic cotton fabriques, and right side thinkingshe has innovated a unique approach to

alternative hair design and architecture.


 Featured Painting

Original Oil 36"X48" by  Sherri Renée amazon

"Every person wants to look and feel desirable, and radiate confidence.

Hair is extremely personal and a driving force behind ones identity, 

expression, and sense of self."


~ Sherri Renée