French CrownTM


Creating volume on the crown of your head has never been easier to

achieve. It's also important, because that's where you need volume the

most, providing you with all the lift, bounce, and body you need.


Whether your hair is long, short, or somewhere in between, a little lift

provides height, completes a style's shape and covers any splits or

cowlicks that occur on your own crown.  



Artisan Features


100% Hand Made Construction 


Approximate base size is 4” wide by 3.6” long  


Weightless base design includes our patented silk trompe l'oeil scalp

replicaTM ~  indistinguishable from a natural scalp (even over hair) 


Anatomically correct shape and size


Single hair multi-directional ventilation for any desired 

    part or style


"Chiaroscuro" rendered color effects


Proprietary transitional french lace front and perimeter


No wefts are ever used in our Crown designs




Cosmetic Applications         


Crown volume, lift, fullness, reduce styling and prep time, special

occasions, cover unsightly splits by cowlicks on natural hair 



Medical Applications         


Site specific transitional or permanent hair loss



Hair Type


Hair is available in premium European, lightly processed European, 

Indonesian and Chinese Remy, EuroblendTM  (proprietary blend of 

European and Remy), SoftTouchTM  Ethnic Texture, and hand-picked 

virgin gray



Hair Attachment


Clip-in is standard and recommended  

May be customized for tape down, bond, or weave application 

With so many brides, crown volume is needed to achieve so many of the modern, bridal looks. Our FRENCH CROWN is easily 

incorporated into the hair and adds effortless volume without teasing and will hold a style all day.