Full Enhancements 

Designer Overview


Sherri Renée offers six (6) beautifully distinct full enhancement designs from her Parisian Hair  Enhancer Collection:  


     CHEVEAUXTM   Full

     BEAUTETM   Full


     ARIATM   Full

     ALTER EGOTM   Full



Our full enhancement cap designs truly distinguish us from all others for

modern design, weightlessness, undetectability, artist detailing and pure



Achieve beautiful full coverage, comfort and realism for

both medical and cosmetic hair enhancement including: 


    ~ Noticeable thinning or diffused hair loss;


    ~ Medically induced temporary or permanent 

        hair loss associated with chemotherapy, lupus,

        radiation, alopecia, trauma, androgenetic 

        alopecia, telogen effluvium, trichotillomania, 

        and medications;  


    ~ Modern convenience, achieve a youthful 

       appearance, ease and reduce hair maintenance; 


    ~ Personal expression, fun, travel ease and fashion;


    ~ Performance and professional appearances including

          film, theatre, music and television   



Designer Artisan Features


Sherri Renee’ provides extraordinary Artisan Features in every full

enhancement design including: 


    ~ 100% Hand Made Construction.


    ~ Full top panel, patented silk trompe l'oeil scalp replicaTM ~

       indistinguishable from a natural scalp (even over hair).


    ~ AntiSlip detailing on the underside of the 

       top panel to provide extra security and comfort.


    ~ Anatomically correct shape and size.


    ~ Designs are extremely lightweight,  smooth and breathable  


    ~ Organic cotton fabrique adjustment panel behind each ear

       for custom tailoring.


    ~ Artistically rendered "Chiaroscuro" color effects.


    ~ Single hair / double knot ventilation to encourage natural

       movement, multi-direction parting, and unlimited styling.  


    ~ Wefts are never used in our full enhancement designs as

        they impede movement and are artificial


    ~ Hair attributes are matched to achieve authenticity and

       uniqueness to the individual client including hair type,

       denier, texture, curl, color nuances, length and appropriate



    ~ Hair is available in premium European, lightly processed

       European, Indonesian and Chinese Remy, EuroblendTM

      (proprietary blend of European and Remy), SoftTouchTM  

       Ethnic Texture, and hand-picked virgin gray


    ~ Our partnered hair architects, designers and dressers make

       the difference to achieve your perfect fit, "chiaroscuro" color

       realism, and professional finish.




An ALTER EGO FULL was used

to dramatically transform her textured hair to an alternative, 

soft and trendy look with total ease. We think she is beautiful 

either way but she reported

feeling like her "other" self

during the photoshoot. We

love that.

Each one of our full enhancements is designed and customized to "fit" the need or desire of the client.  Hair is matched in color, texture, curl, and chiaroscuro rendered effects make the end results extrordinary.