With an artist eye and an engineers’ obsession with detail, 

Sherri Renee' created an original, fully customizable, human 

hair  "accessory" line ~ the Parisian Hair Enhancer Collection.


This unique, 100% hand crafted collection represents the pinnacle of human hair enhancements for their modern design, natural appearance, and simplicity of  use ~ an extraordinary solution for those who have fine hair ~ or for those who simply want to make a fashion choice, ease styling, or make a quick "wardrobe" change without the fuss, commitment, and/or the investment of time.


Achieve more coverage, volume, lift, length, fullness, color and   

highlights only where you desire. These exclusive patented 

designs ~ flash enhancers, partials, fringes, falls, parts,

ponytails /chignons, crown, extensions, and full enhancements ~ are artistically engineered to surpass all others in form and function, natural appearance, weightlessness, and performance. 


For those who want or need full coverage and carefree beauty,  select from one of our revolutionary full enhancements  ~ the CheveauxTM Full, BeauteTM Full, CosmeticaTM Full and AriaTM Full.  Behind their design reveals extraordinary lightweight flexible bases, the "appropriate" amount of density, artistically rendered dimensional color and pure realism.













Design Uniqueness & Exclusivity


Sherri Renee’ employs artful designs with over 22+ years industry experience and proven client results. Over 20+ patents exist on

individual design elements including feather weight base designs, hand engineered artisan detailing, seamless integration and 

"chiaroscuro" color rendering ~ as it applies to delivering extraordinary "naturalism" in color, light and form. 


Each product design is anatomically correct, incorporating the inherent values & elements of hair architecture and principles of design. 

The Parisian Hair Enhancer Collection truly represents a next generation, "crossover" hair accessory line that can be enjoyed by any

person who values beautiful hair couture.