Creating a perfectly realistic hair enhancement is defined by its authenticity as reflected in ones persona and individual style. 


Sherri RenĂ©e has created an ultimate collection of hair enhancers that are easily customized and are indistinguishable from your real hair and scalp.

With over twenty patent claims, individual design features are mindfully engineered with absolute purpose, 100% hand made artistry and are

performance driven to deliver: 





Photo above represents a closeup of our patented Trompe l'oeil scalp replica TM  - standard on each of our designs.  

Parisian silk, lace,

and organic cotton

fabriques are hand

selected and 


Functional base

detailing is added to

create a pure an seamless realism.

You and your

experienced alternative

hair professional consult

to create your end vision. 

Your design is 100%

handcrafted by

experienced artisans.

Hair is hand matched

and prepared to your

desired  hair texture,

curl, density, and


Extraordinary "scalp" like appearance is hand ventilated using patented material, method and skilled artistry.

Artistically rendered "Chiaroscuro" color detailing is applied to mimic the nuances of your real hair.

Your stylist puts the finishing touches to create the new you! amazon

Multi-directional, single hair hand-tied bases that mimic real growing

hair and natural movement


Weightless base designs include our patented silk troupe l'oeil scalp replica ~ indistinguishable from a natural scalp (even over hair)


Parisian silk, lace, and organic cotton bases that are cool, light

and aesthetically pleasing to the eye and touch


Artistically rendered "chiaroscuro" color that mimics the

nuances of your real hair


Seamless integration and transparency 


Functional detailing provides additional security and comfort


Authentically customized hair texture, curl, color, length and density