French PonyTM

Classic styles are wonderful: the bob haircut, the chic pixie, and the

tapered short cut are many things ~  graphic, sexily jawline skimming

and totally stylish. One thing they can't do is be made into a classic

ponytail or chignon.


Ponytails and Chignons are the some best hairstyles ever invented.  

They are fast and simple to create and serve a multitude of hair sins.

So go ahead ~ braid, twist, half-up, adorn or simply pull-back.   


Behind the design of our French Pony/Chignon begins with small 

base made from lightweight, soft organic cotton fabrique. Single hairs

are individually hand-tied and knotted into the base so pony movement

is natural. Attached is a matching hair wrap that makes for easy

transitioning and unlimited detailing for any occasion. 




Artisan Features


100% Hand Made Construction


Approximate base size is 3 1/4”diameter


Organic cotton fabrique base is soft, light and flexible


Anatomically correct shape, size and weight creates

      a realistic pony size


Lightweight (especially for fine hair)


Hair wrap allows for perfect camouflage and custom detailing 


Single hair ventilation for any natural movement and 

    style versatility  


Simple to attach and remove  


No wefts are ever used in our Ponytail/Chignon designs  



Cosmetic Applications


Length, fullness and density, color enhancement, special 

occasions, fashion and trend 



Hair Type


Hair is available in premium European, lightly processed European, 

Indonesian and Chinese Remy, EuroblendTM  (proprietary blend of 

European and Remy), SoftTouchTM  Ethnic Texture, and hand-picked 

virgin gray



Hair Attachment


Clip-on is standard        

Our client desired a hairstyle that was simple to achieve and one that she could easily maintain. Virgin hand-picked grays were perfectly matched and blended so the French Pony could become seamless with her own hair. She now takes less than five (5) minutes a day to maintain her look. Why our FRENCH PONY? We think it's obvious.