Who could benefit from a Parisian Hair Enhancement?


Traditional alternative hair brands offer mass produced “hairpieces and wigs” for medical hair loss or bargain clip-ons for fashion and special occasions. 


Sherri Renée Alternative Hair Couture delivers a next generation

"cross-over" customized approach to personal style and freedom with broad

psychological appeal ~ for image recovery, personal expression and modern



Our Parisian Hair Enhancements provide extraordinary solutions for ~




3) who want to reduce time, increase time between hair appointments, reduce hair maintenance costs, and reduce

damage associated with hair color, chemical, or environment;

female pattern hair lossmale pattern hair loss + medications + alopecia + cancer + hormonal changes early menopause + post pregnancy + trichotillomania

nutritional deficiencies + chemical overprocessing radiation +  post surgery + cancerous moles + brain tumors +  aneurysm + post hair transplantation +

facelifts + reduce grow-out time/chemo + burn + injury to scalp + deformities + chemical burns + bad plugs and scars + traction alopecia + aging + thyroid

disease + telogen effluvium + dermatological diseases + sun damage to scalp + environmental damage + anesthesia related hair loss + volume + lift  + fullness +

length + color enhancement + increase style versatility + special occasion + reduce styling time + reduce color maintenance + travel ease + theatre/acting/film

+ grey "growout" + instant "wardrobe" change + reduce product usage + non-committal hair changes  + look younger + wardrobe arsenol + transgender

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Medical hair loss or thinning associated with chemotherapy, radiation, alopecia, trauma, thyroid, lupus, telogen effluvium

or trichotillomania 


Reduce styling time and maintenance, increase time between

hair appointments and reduce damage associated with chemicals

and styling stress


Personal expression, fashion and travel ease


Promotes a more youthful, fresh appearance


Professional appearance and reduced maintenance

i.e. film, theatre, musical performance and television