Let’s face it!  Men and women both love long hair.  Unfortunately, many of

us do not have the luxury, biology or time to grow it and maintain it.


Sherri Renée XtensionsTM offer a beautiful solution to an ageless desire.

Fully customizable, beautifully matched hair  coupled with a carefully

engineered design, our XtensionsTM prove to be the ultimate choice for

must-have long hair accessory. 


Sherri Renée XtensionsTM can be altered to suit most styles or grow-out

stages. Our base design can be easily be altered, integrated or collapsed

allowing multiple finishes (blunt vs. layered, inverted, or U-style).  One

piece design is simple to apply and reapply to achieve seamless and

flawless locks.  



Artisan Features


100% Hand Made Construction


Approximate base size is customized


Unique one-piece, reuseable design architecture


Seven-tier adjustable construction  


Clear nylon adjustable nylon headband cord


Anatomically correct shape and size


May collapse, integrate or alter base size and

        shape of cut using tier "blinds"


"Chiaroscuro" color effects


May be cut, colored, permed or highlighted


Simple to apply and remove


Easily and comfortably incorporates into own hair


Protects integrity of own hair




Cosmetic Applications         


Length,  fullness, special occasions, fashion and trend without

the cost and ongoing ​maintenance



Hair Type


Hair is available in premium European, lightly processed European, 

Indonesian and Chinese Remy, EuroblendTM  (proprietary blend of 

European and Remy), SoftTouchTM  Ethnic Texture, and hand-picked 

virgin gray



Hair Attachment


Headband cord, clips and optional weave application 

Our model wanted to be able to change her style from her curly bob for work to a long beachy wave when her mood suited her.  Our XTENSION enhancer matched her curl, color and texture perfectly.

We wanted to utilize our models natural hair but add add a flash of color and progressive wave to her locks. The result is beautiful and 

elegant ~ perfect fo

her eclectic look.

Our model wanted to increase length, density and fullness to her hair.  With our patented, modifiable base design, the shape of her perimeter length cut be changed for various looks.