The YouthCollection, by Sherri Renée, uniquely addresses the unique concerns of a younger, more petite wearer ~   inherently organic and more "subtle" in appearance. Less volume (density), sutle value (color) shifts, and proportional form are all important distinctions addressed.

We have adapted the Renaissance painting technique, Sfumato ~ the blurring or softening of sharp outlines in painting ~ by the subtle and gradual coupling of one tone into another. A "smokey" appearance is achieved by blending tints so outlines are scarcely perceptible. The effect is one that is indistinct or misty.



The Youth™ Collection is100% handcrafted, and is available in five (5) Euroblend PreCustoms Colors and one (1) Soft Touch preCustom.


Further design customization is available

via custom order.



-  100% Handmade construction 

-  Anatomically correct shape and size

Le Réalisme scalp replica

-  Closed french lace front w/under

              hairs for top designs

-  Open bleached-knot, french lace

             front for full enhancements

-  Parisian silk, french lace and organic

              cotton body

-  Chiaroscuro colour effects and

              root shadowing standard 

-  100% hand-tied, single hair injection


-  100% Euroblend Remy human hair

-  French injection top for

         smoother hair texture, lower

         density and natural flow

-  Root to end hair density

-  All types available for custom

     including European, SoftTouch™  

     (textured) and virgin hand-picked gray


preCustom Features :  

15-16" full hair length 

12 Chiaroscuro colours 

Curl/Texture 30mm body 

Designs available include 

French Flash

Flash Grande  

French Fall

Fall Grande

Aria Full

Custom :         

Hair types, colour, sizing, density,

ventilation, base modification,

front hairline