Form | Function | Beauty

Sherri Renée Alternative Hair Couture delivers a next generation, contemporary approach to personal style, beauty, and freedom with broad psychological appeal ~ for image recovery, personal expression, professional appearance and modern convenience. 


Fine Art | Adaptation of Nature

Hair as living art. Observing art in nature and applying its universal principles to alternative hair is key to creating an aesthetically beautiful and natural appearance. Approaching alternative hair couture as an art form unshackles our minds from limiting beliefs and drives us into using our imagination, creativity and experience in a powerful, new way.


Our adaptation of an "old-master" Renaissance painting technique ~ Chiaroscuro ("chiaro" meaning light and "scuro" meaning black) ~ brings beautiful color, depth and realism to each creation. The application of light, shadow, color, placement and texture is essential for a visually stunning transformation.


Our visual vocabulary is further elevated by applying many of the classical art principles | elements combined with contemporary design tools, superior materials and production methodology.  


Engineering | Innovation

Our Parisian Hair Enhancement Collection is 100% handcrafted, highly customizable and is indistinguishable from your real hair or scalp. Over forty patented design elements exist, each mindfully engineered with aesthetic and functional intent.


Our bases ~ fabricated from Parisian silks, laces and organic |cotton materials ~ are lightweight |thin, breathable and are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and touch.


Each collection design employs our patented silk troupe l'oeil scalp replica technology ~ artistically engineered scalp replica encouraging realism and unlimited styling performance


Above all, our Parisian Hair Enhancement Collection illustrates our commitment to personal expression, modern aesthetics and pure innovation.


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