Looking and Feeling Beautiful Is A Choice Again

The Parisian Hair Enhancement Collection offers seven (7) beautifully distinct full enhancement designs ~ each 100% handmade and fully customizable to deliver extraordinary results. Our cap designs truly distinguish us from all others for modern design, natural appearance, artist detailing and comfort.


We offer solutions for both medical hair loss and cosmetic enhancement.

Discover exclusive design features found in each of our enhancements. 

Medical Hair Loss Enhancement


We understand that maintaining a level of normalcy and encouraging hope where self-esteem is affected by medical conditions ~ such as chemotherapy, alopecia, burn, trauma, trichotillomania, thyroid, and lichen planopilaris ~ have a profound effect on one's spiritual emotional healing and self-confidence. 


Sherri Renée offers industry leading hair design solutions for fine, thin or weakened hair caused by age, stress, hormonal changes, medical conditions and | or hereditary factors. Our patented hair designs enable unlimited possibilities for hair enhancement while always respecting the integrity of your natural hair and scalp.


We select only the finest Parisian silks, lace, and organic cotton fabriques to handcraft our featherlight, realistic bases. Hypoallergenic and non-invasive for those with sensitive scalps, each design has been artfully engineered to add hair only where volume, fullness or recovery is needed.

Medical hair loss requires special design considerations that address the sensitive nature in which the scalp and hair are affected.   

Appearance (exterior). Whether you are duplicating your pre-hair loss appearance or embracing a new      hairstyle, your hair should be extremely realistic and mimic the nuances found in nature. Chiaroscuro rendering, color, shaping, texture, curl|wave, movement, length and density are all important components of what makes hair look authentic and respond in a natural way.  


Base (interior)Equally important as your outward appearance is what lies beneath. Hair and scalp affected by medical conditions are typically more sensitive, thus require more care when selecting base materials, construction and cap customization. Bases should be light|thin, well-contoured and non-invasive.


All of our bases are feather-light and breathable. We utilize a patented method of combining materials ~ called a “hot seam press” ~ that eliminates the bulk, abrasiveness and weight found with virtually all other caps. Heavy wefting, ribbon, and mono-filaments are eliminated allowing our bases to be seamless,  smooth and extremely comfortable to wear.


Customization. Highly customizing ones hair enhancement is critical in delivering a look that truly feels authentic and beautiful. Authorized and trained Sherri Renée hair professionals have the ability to bring their creativity and flair to your look without limitation.



Cosmetic Enhancement

Empowering yourself with the look, comfort and lifestyle that honors your persona and style is now a choice.


Sherri Renée offers several full enhancement designs to wear over hair that surpass the associated limitations of traditional wigs. Achieve virtually any hairstyle including unlimited color, texture, density and hair type. 

​Please check with your Sherri Renée hair professional for which designs are appropriate for you)

Model Before


 Parisian silk | Advanced Hair Loss w/Bondable Option


French Lace  | Advanced Hair Loss


French Lace  | Mild or Medium Hair Loss             


Organic Stretch Cotton  | Medium or Advanced Hair Loss         


     Alter Ego         

Super Fine Mono  | Advanced Hair Loss w/Bondable Option


Organic Stretch Cotton | Xtended Lace  | Cosmetic and/Editorial      



 Organic Stretch Cotton  | Cosmetic and/Editorial 

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