Let's Face it! Men And Women Both Love Long Hair 


Unfortunately, many of us do not have the luxury, biology or time to grow it and maintain it.

Sherri Renée Xtensions™ offer a beautiful solution to an ageless desire. Fully customizable, beautifully matched hair coupled with a carefully engineered design, our Xtensions™ prove to be the ultimate choice for a must-have long hair accessory.

Sherri Renée Xtensions™ can be altered to suit most styles or grow-out stages. Our base design can be easily altered, integrated or collapsed allowing multiple finished (blunt vs. layered, inverted, or U-style). One piece design is simple to apply and reapply to achieve seamless and flawless locks.

Model Before 
  • 100% Hand Made Construction
  • Unique one-piece, reuseable design architecture
  • Seven to up to Fourteen-tier adjustable construction
  • Clear nylon adjustable nylon headband cord
  • Anatomically correct shape and size
  • Simple to apply and remove
  • May collapse, integrate or alter using tier “blinds”
  • Chiaroscuro color design mimics natural hair nuances
  • Hair available in European, Remy, SoftTouch (texure) and Virgin Hand-Picked Gray 
Hair Attachment
Clip or comb is standard 
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