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"Sherri Renée combines fine arts and engineering to create exceptional alternative hair that inspires beauty, confidence and joy."

Highly recognized as the pinnacle of human hair enhancements for their modern design, natural appearance and simplicity of use  ~ Sherri Renée Alternative Hair Couture provides extraordinary solutions for those who desire volume, image recovery from hair loss or who simply enjoy its modern convenience.   


Our Mission


Sherri Renée is dedicated to transforming lives through the personal expression of hair. We understand how important hair is to ones identity and self confidence and define our brand on personalization. Through innovative design solutions, exquisite artisan craftsmanship and commitment to creativity  ~ we connect those who enjoy our brand with the talents and expertise of our partnering salons and hair professionals. 


The Art | Design of Alternative Hair


Designing | 100% Hand-Crafting an extraordinary hair enhancement can be defined by its authenticity as reflected in a clients persona, performance and uncompromising aesthetics.   

At Sherri Renée, we proudly source only the finest materials for our enhancement interiors  ~ elegant Parisian silks, fine lace and organic cotton fabriques ~ artistically engineered to deliver feather-light, breathable and aesthetically pleasing foundations. Each creation employs our patented silk trompe l’oeil scalp replica ~ indistinguishable from natural hair and scalp.

Our free trade hair is respectfully sourced from Eastern Europe, Italy, and Indonesia and is designed to mirror the color nuances, texture, and uniqueness of its wearer. Our adaptation of Chiaroscuro ~ a classical Renaissance painting technique ~ brings beautiful color, depth and authenticity to each creation.

Our Partners

With our passion for personal expression and our dedication to those hands that help to shape it, we are proud to inspire creativity and influence beauty in the world.

Our professional partners are our real point of difference. Each hair professional is "trié sur le violet" (carefully choosen) based on a strong commitment to cutting edge hairdressing combined with the passion, skills and fortitude required to express alternative hair as an art form.



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