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Sherri Renée is dedicated to transforming lives through the personal expression of hair. We understand the importance of hair to one's identity and self-confidence and have built our brand on personalization. Through superior quality materials, innovative design, and compassion for people and our planet ~ we connect those who enjoy our brand with the talents and expertise of our partnering hair professionals. 


Our Mission


Sherri Renée follows a clear design philosophy: Combine superior quality materials, old-world artistry and design excellence to deliver an exceptional transformation for the client.


Our 100%, handcrafted human hair enhancement designs are highly recognized as the pinnacle of alternative hair couture for their modern design, natural appearance, and simplicity of use. We provide extraordinary design solutions for hair loss image recovery, adding volume to fine hair, achieving a luxurious style, and the modern convenience of having a "personal hair assistant".


Design Excellence

Sustainable beauty considers the well-being of individuals, local and global communities as well as the health of our planet.

Sherri Renée honors sustainable beauty by respectfully sourcing fair-trade hair and labor, practicing material & design conservation, and minimizing our carbon footprint. In addition, we donate monthly from our proceeds to the Environmental Defense Fund, whose mission is to preserve the natural systems on which all life depends.    




With our passion for personal expression and our dedication to those hands that help to shape it, we are proud to inspire creativity with purpose and ultimately influence beauty in the world.

Our professional partners are our real point of difference. Each hair professional is "trié sur le volet" (carefully chosen) based on a strong commitment to cutting edge hairdressing combined with the passion, ongoing education, and creativity required to express alternative hair as an art form.  


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