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Parisian Inspired™ Collection, by Sherri Renée, features our signature, foundation enhancement portfolio showcasing over eleven top designs and seven full designs.


Each design, 100% handmade by expert artisans - uniquely addresses only those areas where enhancement is desirable.  Our patented designs include base shapes and sizes that are anatomically correct to provide personalized, seamless coverage and camouflage into your hair.


Each Parisian Inspired™ design features our soft Parisian silk, french drawn top -  Silk Trompe L'Oeil™ scalp replica - which utilizes "return hairs" to support more lift and hold for voluminous hairstyles.  


Single hairs are individually knotted into a french lace fabric and delicately threaded through a Parisian silk fabrique custom tinted to match your scalp colour and tone.  We further covet our natural top with a  beautiful, under-layer of Parisian silk and anti-slip detailing.


Each colour design features a hand-painted, natural shadow root, providing a beautiful backdrop to showcase the color dimension and value range of our hand-blended Parisian Color Palette.

We offer the Parisian Inspired™ Collection in a range of 100% handmade, highest quality Remy preCustoms - ready-made top and full designs.  A myriad of design options and details are available via custom order.


-  100% Handmade construction 

-  Anatomically correct shape and size

Silk Trompe L'Oeil scalp replica

-  Closed french lace front w/under hairs

-  Parisian silk, french lace and organic

              cotton body

-  Shadow rooting standard 

-  100% Hand tied (single hairs)

-  Customizable to your desired style



-  100% Highest quality (grade "A")

     Remy human hair

-  Signature return hair technique for

       added fullness

-  Hair cuticle mostly intact

-  All types available including SoftTouch

      (textured) and virgin hand-picked gray


preCustom Features : 

12" full hair length;

14 Parisian Colours;


- 25mm wave  (top designs)

- 30mm body  (Cheveux Full)

Designs available include : 

French Flash  

Flash Grande

French Fall

Fall Grande

Cheveux Full

Custom Features : 


Hair types, sizing, density,

ventilation, base modification,

front hairline and colour 

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