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Design Sophistication and Versatility


The Youth Inspired  Collection, by Sherri Renée, addresses the unique concerns of a younger or more petite wearer ~ inherently organic and offering a more youthful appearance. Less volume (density), subtle value (color) shifts, and proportional form are all equally importance to a younger, petite or active wearer. This collection features a highly customizable top design with sophisticated, realistic design features.


The Youth/Petite Cut-A-Way features a unique cut-a-way base system easily modified to reflect changes in hair loss, such as with alopecia areata, trichotillomania, or telogen effluvium. Leave as is for generous coverage or cut-a-way excess size, material, and density.


The Youth/PetiteCut-A-Way has an  extremely lightweight base and can be taped, clipped, or bonded.


Top Design   |   YOUTH CUT-AWAY

Dimensions  |  8" X 9.25"

Available in Youth Inspired Stock Lines

For more information, you may download individual brand lines below


Youth/Petite Inspired

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