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This Is Not Your Mother's Fall

(Although We Loved Them Too) 

Do you remember how popular falls (and wigs) were popular in the 1960's. They were considered an accessory (very much like shoes, pocketbooks and lipstick) and it didn't matter if it looked natural or not.


Women still embrace wearing falls more than ever, but with a catch!  They want seamless transition, undetectability and comfort.

Our French Fall™ and Fall Grande™ are beautifully designed to provide advanced transformation for both medical and cosmetic hair enhancement.


Each design has been artfully engineered to provide coverage  where you want, yet never more than you need.

Stock Base Sizes

French Fall - Base size 5.5W X 5.75L (inches) 
Fall Grande - Base size 7W X 8.25L (inches)


Top Design (P-7)   |   FRENCH FALL

Dimensions  |  5.5" X 5.75"

Available in Parisian Inspired, and

Chiaroscuro, and Luxe Stock Lines


Top Design (P-8)   |   FRENCH FALL

Dimensions  |  7" X 8.25"

Available in Parisian Inspired, Youth,

Chiaroscuro, and Luxe Stock Lines

For more information, you may download individual brand lines below


Parisian Inspired


Youth/Petite Inspired


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