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​The design, talent and quality of materials that has been poured into the Sherri Renée line is incredible.

This is the most customized, beautiful alternative hair collection on the market.

Anna Michelle Jackson, Salon Owner

Modern Concepts Salon, Ashburn, Virginia

... There was no question that I had to meet the creator of this amazing product. Once meeting Sherri Renée, I was as intrigued by her as much as her designs.
She is a true artist. An artist with a heart. A heart for people who struggle with feeling less than their best selves concerning their hair.
Whether their hair is thinning due to the results of a sudden illness or medical condition or someone who is simply longing for a change. Perhaps something longer, brighter or fuller, Sherri has something for everyone.
The Sherri Renée Parisian Enhancement Collection enhances the beauty of any woman.

Dean Krapf, Salon Owner

Lluminaire Salon, Towson, Maryland

My daughter has alopecia and Sherri Renée fit her with the most perfect prosthetic hair. The color, cut and fit are perfect!


Seeing my daughter with a big smile on her face made me happy and so appreciative we found something that truly looks natural. 


Would absolutely recommend Sherri Renée products to any and everyone!

Erin Shea, Mother

Thank you Sherri Renée & CO for the great class this past weekend!

The artistry of your designs, seamless transitions and light weight beautiful hair make working with your hair systems a joy.
Also, having several knowledgeable team members to contact directly who are working with the products everyday is priceless!
I recommend Sherri Renée to stylists who are looking to offer top quality hair enhancements to their clients. You will be supported by a very talented team!
I also recommend Sherri Renée for clients who are looking for hair systems that are designed and customized to fit your hair loss needs.

Lisa Ferestad, Owner

Lisa Ferestad Hair Solutions, Atlanta, GA

 As an owner, I am always searching for unique products and services that not only make our guests look great, but make them feel great too. Sherri Renée's hair enhancements do just that.

It is also such a pleasure knowing I can pick up the phone and actually talk to the owner of the company or one of her team members and I feel completely confident that they will listen to me and answer any questions I may have.
We are very honored and proud to be affiliated with Sherri Renée and look forward to a long lasting relationship.

Jeff Davison & Anthony Marsalese, Owners

Antonino Salon and Spa, Birmingham, Michigan

Putting a smile on a clients face is priceless and being able to do that with a Sherri Renée Enhancement is truly the case.
There is no greater reward as a stylist to have a client who has lost their smile or confidence help them find it again. It never gets old watching a client transform and seeing that all return when they put their Sherri Renee Enhancement on for the first time.
I have laughed with clients and cried tears of joy with them but most rewarding is the hug they give you or the phone call you get thanking you for changing their lives. I truly love what I do and look forward to finding more smiles for clients with the help of Sherri Renee.

Kelly Entwistle, Alternative Hair Designer / Stylist  

Versacchi Studios, Baltimore, Maryland

During chemo, I bought a Sherri Renée full enhancement that was customized for me and it was so amazing that I never grew my hair long again. There was no telling what was the enhancement and what was my real hair!

Having my hair amazing has been such a huge part of making this process so much easier. I have received a zillion compliments and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

AK, Client

My 16 yr daughter (who has alopecia areata) and I both go to Sherri Renée for our hair enhancements. (I’m just getting old.)
No one can believe that either of us wear anything. Sherri’s artistic touch makes all her pieces look authentic and they are so comfortable.
She is the hair whisper!

Dr. Laura Burrows, Mother

I didn't realize how much my hair really meant to me until I lost it.


I was so embarassed when it was happening and I didn't want to leave the house because I felt so ugly.

Thank you for giving me back a part of myself, my self-confidence. I will always remember this time and try to help others.

Cassey T, Client

​​I have never seen a more realistic scalp replica on alternative hair. The smiles on my client's faces from Sherri Renée hair enhancements are priceless.

Partnering with her was one of the best decisions I've made personally and for my business Revolution Colour Studio.
Together we are making a difference! 

Jyll Kauffman, Salon Owner

Revolution Colour Studio, McLean, Virginia

The reason I’m writing you is the say thanks for everything. I know my situation isn’t the worst around but it was enough of a struggle for me. The hairpiece has put my life back to normal. I’ll admit that I was nervous that everyone I met would know.


What was great was a comment a concerned friend of mine made. She knew of the situation but didn’t know I had ordered the piece. When she saw me for the first time, she couldn’t believe how fast my hair grew back in such a short period of time. She obviously couldn’t tell it was not my hair. Needless to say, I have been really confident about my hairpiece and my own hair has started growing back. Funny thing is I don’t really worry about it anymore.


I usually don’t write about this sort of stuff, but I wanted to thank you for everything you did.”

Heather W, Client

I have always had thin, stick-straight hair with no volume. 


A friend suggested I try hair enhancement. Of course I thought she was crazy.  My impression was that a hair enhancement was only for women with major hair loss. I agreed to make the investment based off of her testimonial.


I have always been a confident woman, or so I thought but the minute I put on my enhancement, my confidence went through the roof.  We spend so much money on clothing to look and feel good, lets not forget about our hair. My enhancement feels so natural that sometimes I forget I have it on.


Best investment in myself I have ever made!

Thanks Alter Ego and Sherri Renée!

Kelly, Client

So impressed with Sherri Renée and the services she offers to those who need help concealing hair loss. Not only does she succeed in fixing the problem, but she does so with ease and panache.

She is lovely and talented.
Every client looks so natural and you can tell, feels so happy. 

Janice Kinigopoulos, MUA, Film

Editorial Makeup and Hair Artist

T.H.E. Artist Agency, Washington, DC

"I have been a salon owner and stylist for 34 years and involved in alternative hair for 26 years ... I was skeptical, I felt like I had seen everything.

Two years ago a good friend and an Industry sales rep told me about Sherri Renée. He said "Trust me when I say she is on to something!" I was skeptical, I felt like I had seen everything. It was a little arrogant of me.
I met Sherri Renée and was impressed with her sweet and honest personality. I listened to the presentation as she introduced her patented Parisian Enhancer Collection. That was a game-changer!"

Danny Knight, Salon Owner

Soft Images, Frederick, Maryland

I am so proud to say I’ve become a partner with Sherri Renée!

I just attended the Foundation ll workshop and it was incredible!
She is an excellent instructor, a gifted artist, and a genius at what she does.
You will find no one who is more passionate or compassionate, and I am amazed by her commitment to providing so many options and solutions in the form of alternative hair.
Can’t wait to take another workshop and soak up as much as I can from her!

Susan LeBlanc, Salon Owner,

SL Studios Studios, Mandeville, LA

... I spent what seemed like an eternity searching for wigs that would give me back the hair that I had before chemotherapy. 

What a relief when my stylist put a wig on my head for the first time and worked her magic!  It matched my natural hair type and color exactly, and she recreated the hairstyle I originally wore.  (People have actually told me that the wig looks exactly like my own hair but better!) 
Thank you Sherri Renée for creating such beautiful wigs to help people restore their self-confidence during most difficult times.  What a blessing.

Lori S, Client   

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