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Stay Cool | Be Stylish

The Cheveux Halo™ provides under

hat wardrobe versatility and effortless transformation for transitional or permanent hair loss. Comfortable and lightweight, this innovative design allows the wearer to enjoy normal activities while staying comfortable

and cool.


The Cheveux Halo™ is the perfect hair accessory for any active woman - beachgoer, golfer, or busy mom - and is compatible with any hat style, including baseball caps, floppy hats, and knitted caps. 


The top panel is constructed with a single layer of soft Parisian silk and does not have hair. The balance of the cap is identical to our Cheveux Full™ and provides realistic coverage to the bang, temples, sides, and back.


This innovative design is perfectly suited for full or advanced stages of hair loss or regrowth (ie, chemotherapy, burn, alopecia, and post-surgery. 

Design Base Size

Custom only
Base size measured
same as full enhancement


Advanced Hair Loss

Burn / Trauma

Chemotherapy / alopecia

Post Surgery


- Hair types including European, 

    SoftTouch, virgin hand-picked

    gray and Remy

- Hair curl/texture

- Shadow rooting

- Hair length

- Base sizing 

- Density 



- 100% Handmade construction

- Cool Parisian silk top panel

- Parisian silk base base design is 
         light, breathable
- Single hair ventilation (no wefts)
- "Chiaroscuro" rendered color 
- Bangs, temple, sides and back
- Anti-slip detailing for comfort
         and security 
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