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Clear Vision

Our vision is to create a professional alliance of exceptionally talented, passionate and creative hair architects, designers and stylists committed to the fine artistry, beauty and positive influence of alternative hair couture. We believe that our alternative hair designs belong in the hands of true hair artists ~ only then can a client's full potential be realized. 

Sherri Renée partners exclusively with qualified salon owners and licensed hair professionals. We value our industry and respect those hair professionals who have cultivated their passion for alternative hair. Therefore, we have chosen not to sell direct to consumers ~ via direct or through the myriad of discount online stores.

Each hair professional is carefully chosen, based on their commitment to a classical hands-on approach coupled with a true intention to honor the art form to beautify the individual.


Sherri Renée expresses a vision that can change traditional perception and establish tastes for alternative hair in the global beauty marketplace.


With almost three decades of experience in the design, manufacturing and behind-the-chair client connection, we offer a vast range of  knowledge, experience and innovative solutions for your business. Whether you choose from our extensive design portfolio or create your own, we offer the brand excellence that you and your clientele deserve.    

Our factory has over 30 years experience and houses top artisans to manufacture in accordance to our high standards. Materials are ethically sourced, including organic cottons, lace and Parisian silk fabriques. Traditional factory production methods are improved to construct materials to be more lightweight, functional and aesthetically pleasing. Fair trade hair and labor practices, beauty sustainability and a "pay it forward" mentality are core values that further define our brand excellence.

With integrity and heart at our core, Sherri Renée is creating a brand that appeals to both creatives and discerning consumers. 

Brand Excellence


Sherri Renée is devoted to providing interactive support to our partner salons. We are transparent, hands-on and possess a genuine commitment to the success of each alternative hair professional. We provides the education, tools and business mentoring necessary to master this rewarding endeavor regardless of how far along you are on the journey.   

Design pro-tools, how-to videos, technical dossiers and a marketing portfolio are found on our professional pro-site. We offer an extensive


The Sherri Renée Design Toolbox provides the creative tools necessary to showcase beautiful design and to facilitate visual clarity and communication between the client, the designer, and the manufacturer. 


Consultancy and mentoring are available not only through our staff, but through many of the partnering salons. The talent, experience and generosity of the partnering hair professionals is extraordinary.

Support & Mentoring


Hair is as much of an art form as painting, sculpting or any other creative medium.

At Sherri Renée Atelier, we honor this central belief at our core ~ to instill a comprehensive, principled approach to the fine artistry of alternative hair.  The psyche of the client, design/material excellence, chiaroscuro observance, hair architecture, and finish are equally important to our creations. 

Approaching alternative hair couture as an art form unshackles our minds from limiting beliefs and drives us into using our imagination, creativity and experience in a powerful, new way. Course materials, demos and practicals are constructed and presented through this creative paradigm. From this fresh perspective, hair artists can deliver the ultimate hair enhancement to their client while exemplifying passion and conviction for this art form. 

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