Sherri Renée Alternative Hair Couture begins with her visionary Sherri Renée Romm.

A graduate of both Fine Art from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and Engineering from the University of Maryland, Sherri Renée combined her artistic and technical aptitude to become a sought-after Master Hair Architect|Designer when she incorporated Versacchi Studios in 1994. Her passion for the arts and desire to help others has been the impetus behind her success. 


Sherri Renée spent the first part of her professional life in both the corporate and art world. She acquired her business savvy while working as an independent information systems consultant to several Fortune 500 companies including Bethlehem Steel, T.Rowe Price, IBM, Westinghouse, and BG&E.


At night, Sherri Renée pursued her artistic passion ~ painting and sculpting ~ while attending MICA. She has exhibited and sold her paintings in galleries and art shows throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southern regions. 


"It was at that moment I saw my friend's confidence and spirit return. I was greatly inspired and knew this was a very powerful moment not only for my friend, but for me as well. I realized my own life would be affected forever. I had found my calling."

In 1992, a close friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. Sherri Renée was deeply concerned with her friend's depression that was not only a result of her diagnosis but the loss of her hair ~ her most precious physical attribute. Using her artistic skills and fueled by compassion, Sherri Renée designed and partnered with a factory to create a human hair prosthesis that mimicked her friend's own hair. A local stylist was hired to cut and style to create the finished look.

1992 - 2012 

This marked the beginning of over two decades with consultancy, design, manufacturing and education in the professional beauty arts industry. Sherri Renée has since worked with thousands of clients worldwide and is highly recognized for her innovative design work in alopecia, androgenetic thinning and hair loss, chemotherapy | radiation, trauma | burn, stress related, auto-immune, trichotillomania hair loss conditions.


Always asking how to make things better, Sherri Renée took it upon herself to bring innovation to the hair industry ~ especially since she herself experienced hair loss after both of her pregnancies and a thyroid condition. 

"Experiencing hair loss firsthand was a gift of a sort. It forced me to experience the psychological effects of hair loss and how ones self-esteem is challenged by losing such an important part of their physical identity.


Creating the perfect solution became my obsession.


I had to rethink alternative hair. Fifteen years ago, hair extensions were becoming very popular and warmly received by the public. Everyone was buying them. I thought if I could create small "accessory" hair that addressed site specific areas, then the public could embrace alternative hair in a fashion forward sense, while addressing the problems of hair loss."

2012 - present

Armed with an artist’s eye and an engineer's obsession with detail, she created the Parisian Hair Enhancement Collection, which is at the forefront of leading design solutions, innovations and technologies for fine and/or thinning hair and medically related hair loss. It also is for those who simply want a fashion choice, easy styling or the ability to make a quick "wardrobe" change without the fuss, commitment and the investment of time.


Sherri Renée's unique, 100% hand-crafted collection compromises over forty patented design elements. The collection includes flash enhancers, volumizers, bangs, parts, falls, ponytails, chignons, crowns, extensions and full coverage enhancements. Clients can achieve more volume, lift, length, fullness, color and hi-lights only where desired. The momentum increased as word of mouth quickly spread among other stylists and salon owners, creating regional interest and prompting the formation of Sherri Renée & Co, LLC.  


"Our approach to alternative hair design delivers a unique and much needed industry paradigm. Combining fine art, engineering and contemporary hairdressing makes for extraordinary form and many smiles. 


Collaborating with like-mind hair designers | artists seemed natural. Sharing compassion for helping other and passion for the creative work is the beauty of what we do.  

Sherri Renée alternative hair creations are only offered through hand-selected, authorized partner salons ~ which have been properly trained and certified in the Fine Art | Design of Alternative Hair Couture.

When she’s not behind the chair working her magic with clients or teaching stylists, Sherri Renée can be found spending quality time with her family including “Kahlo,” her golden retriever and painting. 


"My Lady of Ourense"

Original oil 36"x 48"

by Sherri Renée

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