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Sherri Renée Alternative Hair Couture delivers a

next-generation, contemporary approach to personal style, beauty, and freedom  - for achieving volume, medical image recovery, personal expression, and modern convenience. 

With an artist's eye and an engineer's obsession with detail,  Sherri Renée offers unique collections that surpass expectations in natural form, lightness, and performance -  the Parisian Inspired and the Chiaroscuro Colour Collection.

Each alternative hair collection delivers 100% handcrafted excellence and is fully customizable to reflect the authentic beauty of its wearer.


We proudly source only the finest fabriques for our collections - organic cotton, Parisian silks, and elegant french lace - artistically engineered to deliver featherweight, breathable, and aesthetically pleasing foundations.

Our free trade hair is respectfully sourced from Eastern Europe, Italy, and Indonesia and is designed to mirror its wearer's color nuances, texture, and uniqueness. Equally important to how authentic a wearer feels is knowing where and how the hair was sourced.


Hair is Living Art.  Observing the elements of art in nature and applying its universal principles to alternative hair is key to creating aesthetically seamless, undetectable wigs and top designs.


Our adaption of the classical Renaissance painting technique, "Chiaroscuro" (meaning light-dark), lends harmonious color, depth, and realism to each creation. The intelligent application of light, shadow, hue, and texture to hairs surface is essential when imparting realism to alternative hair forms.

Whether one desires to replicate their previous appearance, express a new style, or add more volume and color enhancement to an existing look, artistically rendered alternative hair is essential.


Our collections are 100% handcrafted by artisans and highly customizable for virtually any style transformation. Over forty patented design elements exist, each mindfully engineered with aesthetic and functional intent.

Each design employs our signature scalp replica technology that is indistinguishable from natural hair and scalp - the perfect foundation to showcase our trendsetting color palettes and luxurious hair.

Our visual vocabulary is further elevated by combining the inherent strengths of contemporary design, superior materials, and innovative production methods.

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