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Advanced Design | Materials | Methods (AC201)

The Advanced Design | Material and Methods workshop is an intense two (2) day course offering design methodology, visual intelligence and hands-on practicals for advanced design application.  


Understand the underlying head anatomy, materials usage, and design principles that allow you to diagnose, design and deliver the best solutions for your clientele. Based on Sherri Renée’s Five (5) Quintessential Principles of Deliverance, learn a systematic approach to mastering this invaluable skill set.  


Topics include:


  • Five (5) Quintessential Principles of Deliverance 

  • Visual Intelligence | What is it? |

        Applying It's Principles to Master Your Designs 

  • Anatomical Factors Influencing Design

  • Design Factors | Considerations  

  • Materials and Their Usage

  • Hair Fiber and Their Usage

  • Hair Architecture & Connectivity

  • Attachment Methods and Their Proper Usage 

  • Master the Sherri Renée Design Board

  • Methods of Measurement | When, Why & How

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