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Advanced Full Enhancement Concepts (AC101)

Advanced Full Enhancement Concepts is an intense two day workshop that offers and in-depth understanding of design | architecture, visual aesthetics and delivery of full enhancements. Emphasis is placed on properly diagnosing client needs, design nuances and anatomical influences. Highly recommended for the alternative hair professional desiring a comprehensive approach to offering full enhancement products | services.


Topics include:


  • Full Design Applications  |  Medical vs. Cosmetic

  • Mastering Head Anatomy  

  • Material Usage and Methodology

  • Hair Fiber Usage and Methodology     

  • Three Methods To Measure

  • Use of Sherri Renée Vision Board

  • Ordering Simplified     

  • Trouble Shooting

  • Fitting, Alternations & Editing

  • Level 1 Chiaroscuro Color Design   

  • Preparation

  • The Art of the Finish 

Student are required to have a minimum of two (2) years behind the chair experience and completed our Foundation I and II workshops or equivalent experience.

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