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The Art of the Consultation  (BF101)

Consulting is more than giving advice. It is the driving force of your business and when performed with clarity, understanding and confidence, can be the keystone to your business building strategies.  


The Art of the Consultation workshop offers a systemic, yet intuitive approach to leading a successful consultation as the first step to developing lifelong hair replacement or salon clients. This workshop is highly recommended for hair professionals new to the alternative hair industry,  wish to expand their current hair services, or want to maximize their business potential.



  • Learn how to build client trust and confidence throughout the client life cycle 

  • Understand the pillars of consulting to maximize your performance | gain new clients

  • Learn how to build client consensus and commitment

  • Learn how to “listen” to your client to effectively diagnose and recommend solutions

  • Develop new language that will engage and elicit goodwill from your client

  • Practice developing your consultation skills in a safe, learning environment​

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