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Chiaroscuro Color Design  (AC102)

Chiaroscuro Color Design explores the “behind the scene” artistry, color chemistry and unleashed imagination involved in successfully rendering chiaroscuro color design in alternative hair. Topics include the foundation of light and shadow, placement, proportion, and color choice. A must take for any serious hair professional that wants to truly understand the foundation of color rendering while bringing your creations to life.


Sherri Renée, a Fine Artist, and Master Hair Architect will shift your color paradigm as it pertains to alternative hair. Through applied observation, classical painting techniques and a deeper understanding of form, you will gain a fresh perspective on alternative hair as an art form.



  • Learn through applied observation and our adaptation of this Renaissance painting technique ~ how to flawless fashion an undetectable, artistically rendered hair enhancement

  • Understand the foundation of light and shade and how to translate this concept into your hair designs

  • Learn the three levels of Chiaroscuro Observation

  • Learn how to imparts a "connectivity" using chiaroscuro color for a seamless transition

  • Learn how to incorporate chiaroscuro color design into the ordering process

  • Learn color formulations for creating dimension and various color effects



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