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Editorial Expression & Styling (SI101)
Editorial Expression & Styling workshop takes the classical shapes of hairdressing and turns them into prolific, avant-garde styles, using a range of alternative hair, professional tools, and editorial styling techniques~ allowing hair artists of fashion, design, music, and performance to push the boundaries towards the unexpected. 


It is within this fantastical world that you will explore your creative vision and ability as a stylist to articulate and translate your ideas into elaborate style-statements. It’s all about the beauty of collaboration. Editorial Expression & Styling is a two (2) day workshop designed to nurture and expand your creative freedom while guiding you towards a focused approach to working within specific design-briefs. For each workshop, we invite an editorial designer and photographer to collaborate with on an exciting editorial shoot.


  • Introduction to the editorial business 

  • Creative collaboration process

  • Creating an editorial storyboard

  • Capturing | mirroring an editorial fashion theme  

  • Articulating | presenting ideas to the creative team

  • Designing, prepping & styling of hair & hair pieces

  • Changing styles during a shoot

  • On-set etiquette

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