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Silver, Gray and Platinum  (AC203)

Silver, Gray, and Platinum Workshop is an advanced color workshop specializing in the unique characteristics and skill set required to master silver, gray and platinum hair color and blends as it applies to alternative hair. 


This one (1) day advanced color workshop addresses the artistry, color chemistry, and advanced rendering of the "gray" family.  


  • Differentiate the innate chemical properties of synthetic, processed and hand-picked virgin gray​

  • Learn how to maximize these innate properties of each gray type and apply each to various applications


  • Learn appropriate sampling techniques to successfully match the gray percentage, tone, and texture of your client's hair


  • Apply Gray Chiaroscuro Color Theory to mimic the natural nuances of gray | light | shadow


  • Learn optimal color formulations to achieve and maintain strong gray tonal values


  • Optimize the use of Platinum (white) hair to achieve almost any specialized hair color including baby blondes, fashion trend, and signature color blends


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