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Stylist as Sculptor  (AC204)

“Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” ~ Michelangelo


The hair thread is a natural fiber formed by keratin and possesses many physical and mechanical properties. Hair characteristics ~ color, denier, elasticity, pliability, smoothness, shine, texture, shape, porosity and softness ~ lend itself to three-dimensional artists as the perfect material to manipulate and express form.   


In the Artist as Sculptor workshop, we approach hair as living, wearable art.  A hair stylist's traditional tool arsenal ~ shears, clippers, heat appliances and chemicals ~ are reimagined | re-purposed to encourage greater self-expression for both the hair artist and the client. Personal initiative and creative self-expression are emphasized.  


  • Explore the physical | mechanical properties of hair from an artists “material” perspective

  • Learn how variations of the head anatomy effect hairs shape, movement and form

  • Reimagine texturizing chemicals (perms, straighteners) to gain more control over the form 

  • Develop head*heart*hand agility and performance through sculptural techniques 

  • Transcend your mind to use traditional hairdressing tools in a new, more sculptural way

  • Use color to compliment  | strengthen form  

  • Gain confidence  | develop greater expression as an alternative hair artist 

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