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Advanced Chemical Artistry  (AC202)

Rediscover color and chemicals from an artists paradigm.


Sherri Renée possesses a unique perspective on the art form of alternative hair. Advanced Chemical Artistry is an intense two (2) day workshop that combines color theory, design, and chemical use to give a fresh perspective, new techniques and tools from which to expand your knowledge base and unleash your creative genius.   


  • Learn the various types of alternative hair used in manufacturing and the innate characteristics of each

  • Explore the chemical properties of various alternative   hair types | nuances of color          

  • Apply the Fundamental Elements of Art : Color | Texture | Shape | Light and 

  • Shadow | Line | Space and their harmonic relationship to each other         

  • Use Color Theory (primary | secondary | tertiary | complementary | analogous colors) to create signature color, strengthen problem solving and master color application                                                                  

  • Turn to nature to fine tune your observation skills, identify color patterns | contrasts harmony in nature and apply its perfection to your chemical rendering

  • Learn to create a Chemical Design Blueprint | Apply from Ordering to Delivery

  • Employ the use of re-texturizing chemicals to deliver more control over hairs' form, shape and movement  


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