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Hair Care Protocol

Congratulations on purchasing your Sherri Renée enhancement! To ensure your hair enhancement stays beautiful, we recommend entrusting its care to a Sherri Renee’ partnered hair professional.  They will guide you through one of the most important steps to protect your investment.


Your Sherri Renee’ hair enhancement is made of the highest quality materials, impeccable handmade construction and beautiful hair. If you wish to care for your enhancement at home, please adhere to the following care instructions. While normal wear-and-tear and damage caused by improper care are not covered by warranty, you can ensure your hair will look its best for the longest possible time with proper hair care and periodical maintenance.


Use only approved professional hair care products and appliances as recommended by your Sherri Renee’ hair professional. Using any products and heat appliances not recommended by your Sherri Renee’ hair professional nullifies the manufacturer and salon warranty.


Step 1 ~ Preparation


Gently comb your hair enhancer with a wide tooth rake comb or tipped paddle or vent brush. Start brushing gently from the ends working your way up to the top. If there is tension while brushing, do not rip through the hair. This will cause premature hair shedding and shorten the life of your hair enhancement. (Avoid using hard hold hair spray or hair spray that builds up on hair).


French Falls and Full Enhancements only.  A frequent concern caused by improper washing and styling of hand-knotted hair is the inversion of the hair through the cap netting. We recommend securing your hair enhancement to manikin head using several small T-pins. Make sure you are only piercing through the strongest/reinforced material on the enhancement. Avoid piercing lace, stretch fabrique or silk. Proper blocking before washing is very important to avoid inversion of hair through the cap or damage to the base. Remember to only use a manikin head that is sized right for your enhancement.  Your Sherri Renee’ hair professional will help you obtain one.


For all other Sherri Renee’ Enhancements. You may hold hair enhancement by gently securing the base using one hand directing the hair running downward in the same direction.


Step 2 ~ Wetting Hair


Wet the hair by using lukewarm water from a gentle running faucet, letting the water run in the natural fall direction of the hair, from roots to ends. Do not use circular motions.


If you have well water or water with a high level of salt and other minerals, this may affect the feel, color, and performance of the hair.


It is highly suggested that in this case, your Sherri Renee’ hair professional perform this service or use bottled or distilled water.


Step 3 ~ Shampooing


Work shampoo with water in the palm of your hand to properly dilute and evenly distribute shampoo solution. You may also premix a shampoo and water solution in a separate bottle.  Work shampoo solution into the hair from top to bottom of the hair enhancement.  Squeeze gently using fingertips working shampoo solution into a gentle lather.  Do not use circular motions.  


Step 4 ~ Rinsing Shampoo


Using lukewarm, salt and mineral free water, rinse the hair abundantly to remove all shampoo residue, running water from root to ends.


Step 5 ~ Conditioning


Work conditioner with water in the palm of your hand to properly dilute and evenly distribute conditioning solution. You may also premix a conditioner and water solution in a separate bottle.


Gently using your fingertips, work conditioning solution into the hair starting 1-2” off root down to the ends. Make sure to apply the conditioning solution to the underneath of the hair including the nape.


Do not use circular motions.  Do not rub conditioner solution into the roots of the hair enhancement as this may cause loosening of the hair from the base, causing premature hair loss.


Leave conditioner in the hair for 3-5 minutes before rinsing well.


Step 6 ~ Rinsing Conditioner


Using cool, salt and mineral free water, rinse the hair well to remove all conditioning residue, running water from root to ends. Rinse hair an extra 2 minutes longer than you think to insure hair is clean and ready for next step. This step is often not performed correctly and can have the biggest impact on hairs’ performance.


Step 7 ~ Using Knot Sealer

(French Falls and Full Enhancements Only)


Each time you wash and style your french fall or full enhancement, you will need to add this additional step to your hair care routine.


Gently remove any pins and remove enhancement from the manikin head. Turn your fall or full enhancement “inside out” so you are working with the base only. Excluding the scalp replica top panel or portion where the silk is, blow dry the inside of the cap dry.


Using an approved Lace Knot Sealer product, spray or brush sealant (using a large makeup brush) on lace or stretch fabrique.


Dry thoroughly using the blow dryer where applied. Repeat again so you have two layers of sealant.  


Step 9 ~ Drying and Styling  


Pat and squeeze as much of the excess water from wet hair with a clean terry cloth towel. Do not rub. Secure your hair enhancement to a manikin head using several small T-pins. Make sure you are only piercing through the strongest/reinforced material on the enhancement. Avoid piercing lace, stretch fabrique or silk. Proper blocking before drying/styling is very important to avoid inverson of hair through the cap or damage to the base. Use a professional detangling and/or thermal hair product as recommended by your Sherri Renee’ hair professional. Make sure you spray the underneath hair including the nape. Gently spray 1-2” off root to the ends.  Gently comb or brush using a wide tooth detangling comb or a tipped paddle or vent brush. Start at the ends and work your way up to the roots. You may now dry and style your enhancement using approved products, techniques and common sense. We recommend you use a cool/warm dryer setting and brushes where bristles are plastic/rubber tipped as to not scratch base while drying or styling hair. 



The following important information is published as a guideline between the partner salon/professional and client only. Each partner salon has the explicit right to conduct their business in any fashion and may differ on their approach to customer service, warranties, procedures and care guidelines. The information below is for your general understanding only and not necessarily binding.

Important Information

Sherri Renee’ & Co. with its partnered salons highly encourage a true “partnership” between hair care professionals and their clientele. We understand that you have invested your trust, hopes, and resources in your new appearance and want you to be thrilled with your experience.


A large part of your overall experience will be determined by you, the client, and is contingent on following the recommended proper hair care protocol, product usage, and maintenance - post delivery. We strongly advise that you familiarize yourself with the care guidelines and expectations below. After readying this, If we have not properly addressed your concerns and questions, then please ask them. All questions are welcome.  



The custom hair enhancements we produce for you may be perfect on “cut in” day or there may be additional fine-tuning or modifications made in order to make them perfect. This is considered a normal and expected part of the process and is generally done at the follow up hair care session.


Follow Up Hair Care Session


Approximately three (3) weeks following the initial delivery, it is highly recommended that you schedule a complimentary hair care session with a Sherri Renee’ hair care professional. They will work with you to wash and style your enhancement, recommend proper products, answer any questions, and teach you how to get the most from your enhancement. If cutting, coloring, and/or density changes are required, please schedule additional time with your stylist.


Clip Usage and Attachment


Many of our hair enhancements use comfort clips to secure to the client’s own hair. We believe comfort clips, when used properly, are safe and non-invasive to the integrity of the clients’ own hair. There are some basic tips/guidelines when securing clips to the head.     


1) Clips should never hurt. You may feel their presence at first, but when properly applied and over a short period of time, clip sensation is   significantly diminished or not felt at all.       


2) Clips hold better when hair has some “tooth” or grit. Freshly washed hair may need surface hair spray or may be slightly teased.       Second day hair is the best. In addition, distribute ones’ own hair on the head so there is ample hair in “skinny” areas to attach clips.       


3) Clips do wear out over time. Please make sure you replace them as needed. Never use a clip that has broken in any way.     


4) Placement of clips is critical and is highly contingent on client’s own hair, scalp sensitivities and preferences. Clips should occasionally       be moved from time to time to minimize any stress over time.     


5)  Never sleep, swim or shower with clips attached to your hair. Hair is weakest when wet and clips can be invasive to hair in this state.     


6) If you have any trouble with your clips, please consult your Sherri Renee’ hair professional.  


Product Longevity


There are many factors that affect the lifespan of an enhancement. Hair loss, color fading, worn clips, worn cap and hair dryness are considered normal and expected over time. That time can vary  significantly based on enhancement usage, lifestyle/activities, care protocol, product usage and design choices.


Good and Bad News: The leading cause of premature longevity is improper care, not manufacturing defects. Manufacturing defects will occur within the first 30 days in about 95% of the cases. Improper care, although not intentional, is contingent on every day, consistent habits that have a direct affect on product longevity. If you have any questions or concerns, please consult with your Sherri Renee’ hair professional as soon as possible.


Refurbishing and Reconditioning


You can significantly increase the duration and cosmetic appearance of your hair enhancement by allowing a Sherri Renee’ hair professional to periodically perform a “checkup” a minimum of every three (3) months. Depending on its’ condition, we may refresh color, apply hair protein treatments, perform “dusting” to prevent hair splitting, etc. . Manufacturer Warranty Manufacturer warranty is honored for (30) days for manufacturing defects from the time your hair enhancement has arrived at the salon.  We highly recommend that once your hair enhancement has arrived ~ you schedule your cut/delivery as soon as possible. If you wait too long, the factory warranty is likely to have expired. If there are any problems or concerns that transpire, please contact your Sherri Renee’ hair professional immediately. The manufacturer will not honor the warranty if:     


A) The warranty time limit lapses;     

B) Hair enhancement was damaged due to customer abuse, neglect or improper hair care protocol;         

C) Hair enhancement was made according to specifications 

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